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Chicory Coffee Canada

New Orleans Style Coffee

About Us was born out of a search for natural coffee alternatives. While Chicory Root Coffee (or just "Chicory Coffee" or "New Orleans Coffee") is popular in the southern U.S., it was difficult to find an affordable source in Canada. After months of searching and trying different suppliers, I had my new daily fix (a 50/50 blend of coffee and chicory).

My friends and family loved the coffee at my home and were always intrigued when I told them it was a blend, then they started taking it home with them! Most of them weren't willing to kick they're daily coffee habit but were using it in the evening and wouldn't order the 10-lbs at a time I was but said if I could sell it a pound at a time they'd love to have the option. So was born!

I'm ecstatic to set up my own little online business and open up our growing product line to the rest of Canada. I love hearing feedback from everybody that places an order and invite you to

Mary Bangelini